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Meet A Few Of Our Residents... More Coming Soon!

Prince Charming
Prince, a bay Saddlebred, was one of 23 horses seized from a hoarder. The hoarder had purchased him from an equine rescue organization, only to leave him with many other horses on an over crowded dry lot. A halter that was too tight, was left on Prince 24/7 creating deep puncture wounds in his face. When he arrived at our sanctuary, Prince was emaciated, covered in wounds around his face & neck, missing much of his mane due to severe rain rot & was lice infested. Although we have limited knowledge about Prince's history, we do know he's been in at least 3 different states, gone through auctions & wound up on kill lots several times. In spite of being failed miserably by humans, Prince has been incredibly sweet natured & trusting from day one! He loves his neck scratches & horse cookies & will chase you down for both! So mild mannered with humans & horses; he has the cutest, softest whinny we've ever heard...he truly lives up to his regal name, Prince Charming!
Steele is a registered grey Arabian who was physically abused & neglected. He was seized from an Arabian horse breeder & hoarder where he was kept on a dry lot with other horses & had to fight for his hay & feed. At the time of intake, due to extreme neglect, Steele was very unweight, matted & worm infested; he had gone untreated for so long that bot larvae had burrowed through his gums. We're told the owner used to throw rocks at Steele & kick him to discourage Steele from approaching him. Understandably, for a while, Steele had no interest in being close to people; he had very little handling or training & was also not gelded until the age of 8. He still exhibits anxiety & paws when he's fed & he's a sensitive boy but today, he is one of the first horses to approach us. He is curious, playful & loves to give kisses!
Panda "Panda Bear"
 Panda Bear, as we affectionately call her, is a 20 something black Quarter Horse mare who was an owner surrender. For years, she was used as a broodmare at a ranch in Texas & then used for embryo transfers at Colorado State University before ending up in an Oklahoma kill pen. After being pulled from the kill lot, Panda went through training, was re started under saddle & participated in shows & events. Although Panda was loved & cared for by her previous owner, due to health & financial hardships, her owner was unable to continue care for Panda - she wanted her to have a soft place to land... so our sanctuary is Panda's forever home for the remainder of her life. Panda receives special supplements for her joints & early cataracts and lenticular sclerosis in both eyes. So far, her vision is still good! Panda Bear is extremely sweet natured with both humans & horses - never pushy however very persistent in taking a bow for cookies! She is the cutest!
Magnolia "Maggie"
Before Magnolia landed in kill pen, she was supposedly someone's ranch horse & then used over & over again as a broodmare somewhere out west. This beautiful Quarter Horse Arab Cross was the horse nobody thought was worth saving. She was an emaciated senior with DSLD (suspensory breakdown/collapsing fetlocks,) wounds, scars, a slit nostril & rain rot. She was missing most of her mane, sick with a cough & upper respiratory infection & as it turned out, she was also only 3 months away from foaling. We promised Maggie that this foal would be her last ever! While we can never make up for the years of abuse & neglect she endured, we promised that for the remainder of her life, she would be safe. Today Maggie is free to be a horse with other horses & no more demands placed on her. There's no cure for DSLD but so far, supplements keep her relatively pain free - it's almost 3 years later & she's still moving around well! Maggie loves being loved on & groomed & no longer has to be "caught." It took a long time to gain sweet Magnolia's trust but she now approaches us to be petted & loved on!
Little Gem Liberty "Libby"
Baby Libby, who was Magnolia's last foal, was born at our sanctuary during the wee hours of July 2, 2017. She's a smart & sometimes sassy little filly who's already the boss mare in her herd. She is our little Gem who has no idea she was once on her way to slaughter while being carried by her she is free, hence the inspiration to name her Liberty. It's been amazing to see her respond to training with complete trust & no fear since she's never had to experience abuse or neglect at the hands of humans the way her mama did. This beautiful grey Quarab is so full of life, sass, curiousity & sweetness! 
Applejack "Little Thunder"
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